Monday May 31, 2004

Voidable Minges filed in Guests

Hello Uborka people. Borks? Cucumber lovers? Whatever!

I'm guesting this week with the divine Troubled Diva. I'm honoured, and nervous, and it's like playing tennis with Martina Navratilova.

Now I'm off to look for inspiration. Plants and cuddly toys. Yeah, they'll be novel blog material.


That's a terrific start. I've now got the image of Martina Navratilova and (a)voidable minges inextricably linked in my mind.

Vaughan - Monday May 31, 2004 12:52

Why? Afeared she will beat you?


Scaryduck - Monday May 31, 2004 15:09

Borks? Cucumber lovers? I'm settling with UBORKIANS.

Whatever happened to, anyway?

martina - Monday May 31, 2004 18:22

Plants - been done before. Cheese, on the other hand... we've yet to have a Cheese Week.

Graybo - Monday May 31, 2004 21:03

Sssh, Graybo. Don't let them in our plans.

PS. I've got the Gorgonzola, but am still having difficulty getting hold of some Wensleydale.

Vaughan - Monday May 31, 2004 21:36

I consider myself an Uborkologist, as in one who studies the science of Uborka.

Will this week's cocktail party consist of cheese on cocktail sticks? If so, mine's a palpusztai.

Doctor Pockless - Tuesday June 01, 2004 10:03

I thought we were the Uborkites?

Stuart - Tuesday June 01, 2004 13:40 is still there, being held. It's probably due to lapse any day now!

Gert - Tuesday June 01, 2004 13:44
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