Sunday March 20, 2005

The Complete Life History Of A Chilli: Part 1 filed in Garden

The chillis were born on Sunday 20th March 2005, when some seeds nestled snugly into a bed of soil, and were placed delicately into a mockodile. I mean, a propagator.


Very domestic. I'm impressed.

Lyle - Monday March 21, 2005 08:54

For goodness' sake, man, put them in a greenhouse at once and start praying for a hot summer. Shade is also good if the sun gets too evil. Just keep them warm or the chillis won't be that hot. And be ruthless with them - don't go for the biggest possible crop or you'll end up with a crowd of numpty chillis.

Hark at me. I grow chillis one year and suddenly I'm the reincarnation of Geoff Hamilton.

Dr Sloan - Monday March 21, 2005 18:58

The little guys are currently sat in a heated propagator with a piece of paper over their heads. They look like they are having fun. Next time I'm in the kitchen, I'll check on your behalf.

Pete - Tuesday March 22, 2005 08:34
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