Cook With Pussy


At last, now that limelight-hogging shark is out of the way, I can achieve the fame and notoriety that is deservedly mine!


I'll show him! Bloody talentless hack... I've got more cooking savoir-faire in one of my whiskers than he has in his entire seabound body!


If only this had happened sooner! Perhaps my career could have been saved before my looks were savaged by old age!


Now quiver before me, mortals! I shall be your queen! Your beautiful, culinarily blessed queen!

Pete · Sunday March 28, 2004 20:15

Frankly, I find this rather frightening, and it isn't just the peas, or the curious way you pour your gravy on the side of your food like a liquid garnish rather than drenching it with soothing meaty flavours.

Doctor Pockless (Nutritionist) · March 28, 2004 21:30

Thats the best looking pussy I've seen in a while...

D (Koch) · March 28, 2004 21:32

I don't ALWAYS pour the gravy like that. On this occasion, I wanted it to be aesthetically pleasing.

Pussy appreciates your compliment, D.

King Pete (Always right) · March 28, 2004 21:54

Pete, I think you misread somewhere and thought it said "Eat with pussy"

Adrian The Drain · March 28, 2004 21:58

I can't wait to see those Google searches featuring the words 'pussy' and 'sausage'.

Actually, I *can* wait . . .

Vaughan · March 28, 2004 22:03
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