June 16, 2017

Garden Cat

It’s a lovely evening so we’re in the garden with a beer.

Have a great weekend!

June 4, 2017


More Thames Path walking this weekend, this time from Goring to Pangbourne.

I continue to be impressed with the capabilities of the camera in the OnePlus 3

June 1, 2017

Lines written after running a half marathon, some weeks ago

On Sunday
My muscles were pounded
Until they crackled and spluttered
And sprung back into tight coils
And at mile 12, one of them went pop.

My fat thighs
Rubbed a raw arc of pain
Notional until I stopped running,
Slicing me with every step.

My bruised toenails
And tight shoulders
And heavy eyelids
Are my finisher’s medals
Hanging from every branch of my body.

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  • you're amazing. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, especially not yourself. - swisslet
May 13, 2017


Uborka is now served entirely using secure encrypted HTTP!

Free SSL certificate provided by Let’s Encrypt

The WordPress Force HTTPS plugin was then used to ensure that the site can no longer be accessed using unsecured HTTP, and the Better Search Replace plugin used to replace embedded img tags with their https equivalent, to prevent warnings about the page containing a mixture of secure and insecure content.

Come fite me, May.

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  • That's all very well but does Uborka use only hand-reared corn-fed free-range cucumbers? R... - Gammidgy
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April 7, 2017

Thames Path


Walk with me
Along this grass-lined corridor
In our most businesslike self-wicking suits
And expensive boots,
Discussing such important matters
As the sound that swans make when they fly
And the exact colour of a bowl of water
In the bed of the Infant Thames.