July 14, 2004


Having used up all of my song-related anecdotes with my 31 Songs misadventure last December, it was natural to turn to the music I’ve collected this year for inspiration. Not that that limits me to newly released CDs; the steady trickle of £3 Fopp specials sees to that.

It was one of these Fopp bargains that I initially thought would hold my choice. Edits by Mr. K is a superb collection of soulful, stomping, Seventies disco classics remixed by DJ maestro Danny Krivit. An album chosen entirely for the old-skool picture of a DJ (Danny Krivit actually, I hadn’t heard of him at the time) on the cover and it turned out to be one of the best impulse purchases I’ve ever made. I thought that No One Gets The Prize or Give Me Your Love would add an uplifting dance segment to the Uborka Mix CD. Then I noticed that they’re each approaching ten minutes long.

Not sure that I can get away with such an indulgence, I had a rethink, and decided to give you all freedom. Freedom from Wham! and George Michael, and you’ll be even more relieved to hear, freedom from Robbie Williams. In fact, freedom from record labels completely.

Freedom by Nizlopi. Nizlopi are my new favourite band and they don’t answer to anyone except maybe themselves. Freedom is taken from their collection of beautiful songs Half These Songs Are About You… and gets the nod over any of the others for these words…

I thought playing the loving game
Would never be simple again
But you’re staying overnight
So maybe I’m doin’ something right

…and for this line which always makes me chuckle…

After a winter
Getting dull and blue like a Tory

Visit their website. Buy the CD. See them live! Oh, and enjoy the mix CD of course!