January 30, 2005

Donnie Darko – Review by Karen

Avast ye. Hopefully lots of you out there are being acquainted or reacquanited with the wonderous film that is Donnie Darko. Certainly Karen was, and this time through she managed to understand it.
Donnie Darko seems like one long medication-induced hallucination, interspersed with scenes of relative lucidity; but I have found that if you concentrate (and stay awake all the way to the end), it does actually make perfect sense, the last scene being the key to the entire plot.
The film is also about middle-class parenting, demonstrating the confusion that comes from parents allowing their children to express socially unacceptable emotions in response to personally unacceptable ideas, in a world that places tabloid values on normality. The intelligent parent and the committed teacher know that they should try to stop the apathy and superficiality that they see developing in the children, despite the knowledge that this will inevitably result in their exclusion from society to one extent or another.
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