May 19, 2019

The MCU Project: Iron Man [2008]

As we are doing this series in the universal timeline, I would like to address that I am doing a 2008 movie, the previous post (done by Pete) was made in 2011.

Iron Man seems to be set soon after WWII and seems to have a bit of the ‘I good scientist, do what I say and it will be good’ vibe about it when it comes to Tony Stark in the presentation showcasing his new, very strong, missile to someĀ  very rich Americans. (Don’t see what could go wrong here).

Tony Stark then travels to a desert to test out this new missile and the effect does seem dangerously devastating in the wrong hands. It seems to be fore-shadowing what happens next when some people with guns and a large Stark Industries collection take him hostage. At this point there seems to be something wrong with the security of the underground base as Tony Stark builds himself Iron Man Mark 1 in his prison cell which appears to have 2 security cameras in it.

After this appalling show of bad security, Iron Man bursts out of his cell in a bullet-proof suit. I personally find this very unfair because he manages to 1v50 these bad guys who captured him. Most of the film from here is just him building new Iron Man suits and testing them, meanwhile visiting multiple celebrations, meetings and other sorts of gatherings. During this time, his step-dad seems to be getting dodgier and dodgier by the minute, doing trades with the people who captured Tony Stark and building his own Iron Man (A bit larger so he can fit). It ends how you would expect any superhero movie to end with a large fight between Iron Man and his step-dad, both in Iron Man suits.


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