June 13, 2019

The MCU Project: Thor [2011]

Thor is the fifth film in the MCU, it seems to be the least ‘male is amazing, us females should all talk about that male’ film so far so I’m hoping it carries on in this train.

The starter seems to be quite, I am your king and I am dying, you will be king, my son but there has to be something which happens to disrupt it. After becoming King of Asgard, Thor decides instantly start a war with a weird ice creature species who have been enemies for a while. His father banishes him which seems about over-dramatic but films have to be interesting somehow. He gets banished to Earth where he meets a crew of an old man and two teenage girls, probably in their early 20s. They suddenly set about finding out about Thor and why he is here using children’s books from a library instead of asking him which sounds pretty stupid but Thor didn’t seem that willing to talk.

During this search, the overhear someone in an old-style Mexico City fast-food restaurant where some people are talking about a crashed meteor, a.k.a Thor’s Hammer so Thor sets out about finding the Hammer and taking it back but the old king seems to have enchanted it to only be able to be lifted by someone worthy, seems a bit Merlin Sword in the Stone but it’s a film, it HAS to be original, I mean, who has ever heard of a non-original film, certainly not me, that’s for sure.

Mean whilst, Loki seems to be getting his own back at Asgard, don’t see why he needs to do that but anything for entertainment, huh. He lets some of the weird ice creature in through the Observatory Portal (a portal which allows you to go to any of the 9 realms ( Earth seems to be something called Jotunheim)).

Loki controls some sort of metal creature which shoots flames out of it’s mouth and I personally think it is some sort of Iron Man clone which Loki obviously copied from another movie *COUGH COUGH* Iron Man *COUGH COUGH*.

Thor says ‘These people have done nothing wrong, take me’ and whatever else he said after that which probably isn’t relevant because we all get the sad romantic ‘TAKE ME’ which Thor was obviously going for and that seems to make him worthy and the Hammer comes flying back to him, he knocks the weird metal creature senseless which we never expected and is allowed back into Asgard where he has to fight Loki and the weird ice creatures because Loki seems to be threatening his own kingdom, I think he is a worse leader than Thor.

After Thor OBVIOUSLY beat them senseless as well, he destroys the Observatory Portal so no one can go between realms anymore, all ends well which we never expected either and Asgard is in peace. YAY! Never Expected!


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