April 19, 2004


Righty yes, well hello there all you lovely people.
Whilst Kate, who is awake at must be an ungodly hour of the Californian night/morning, is working feverishly behind the scene* to produce something for the masses, I have been unceremoniously thrust from behind the curtain from the wings into the blinking limelight.
Pssst! Go on, do that coffee thing you do!
Righty. Ho. Then.
The Coffee Shop of Your Very Dreams has been transplanted to Uborka for your drinking pleasure. The decor is a cool mint green, lush pot plants swan lavishly around the borders of the room, and the ceiling fans spin ever so decorously above. Help yourself to a muffin from the bottomless bowls, but be quick about it – there’s an air of electricity about the place…
Because this is the Green Room, and this is the five minute warning…the curtain goes up in five, people!
Theatrical coffee for one and all. And remember; The Show Must Go On!
Orders please…
* – that’s right. Just the one.


13 thoughts on “Uborkoffee

  1. Please could you stop that unceremonial thrusting from behind the curtain – there may be children or impressionable young people present.

  2. Just a very large dose of caffeine please. Ideally with extra substances for inspirational creativity. That’d be grand.

  3. Vaughan, just pay no attention to that person behind the curtain. Oh I wish I had a brain. And a mocha. Not in that order.

  4. if i were a good little singer girl, i’d ask for herbal tea. but because i am nothing of the sort, i will take a very large, very black, very sweet vat of espresso.

  5. Quad espresso please, with just a teaspoonful of the thickest cream.

  6. Something I can drink through a straw please, and can someone unwrap one of those muffins for me? Ta.

  7. “if i were a good little singer girl, i’d ask for herbal tea”
    or a good little Marxist… proper tea is theft, after all…
    (You ask for theatre, I give you bad comedy…sorry)

  8. That’s as bad as banning classical music in the bathroom. Everyone knows that violins are inherent to the cistern.

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