May 14, 2004


today’s theme is ‘my first alcoholic drink’, if you please.
what are we having, then?


17 thoughts on “cocktails!

  1. If it’s the first drink ever, then “some of my parent’s beer” please. If it’s the first drink we bought, then a Jack Daniels, please.

  2. Guinness please!
    From a bottle.
    A small plastic bottle…with a teat.

  3. Even when we were very young, my dad would reward me and my siblings for helping him in the garden or with some other task by giving us a small portion of beer in these little plastic cups (I still remember what was on them: ‘World Raleigh 1980’), and it was the best thing I’d ever tasted.
    So it came as something of a shock later on in life when I drank an entire can and discovered that beer actually tastes like cigarette ash water. I guess Cartlon Stripe really does taste best when you’ve earned it.

  4. That’ll be a vodka and orange then please, served up with a suspiciously raised eyebrow as to my claims that I am actually eighteen, honest. And if you could arrange to have someone flinging themselves around to Metallica come along and nudge it all down my top that’d make the experience complete, ta.

  5. Apparently I was given my first taste of champagne at my christening, aged two months. But if it’s the first drink I bought then it would be …ah… beer I suppose. Can’t remember – it was so long ago. Seeing as it’s quite warm and sunny, Stella.

  6. My first taste of alcohol was a teaspoon of brandy when I was ill, given to settle my stomach. It made me throw up, and I’ve never been able to drink Brandy since.
    The first alcohol I ever paid for and drank was half a bottle of peach Concorde which was absolutely and utterly revolting.
    The first alcohol I ever drank and actually liked was Southern Comfort and lemonade, so in the spirit of firsts, that’d be my choice for today.

  7. Pernod and Blackcurrant then, please.
    Oh God, I can hardly believe that I have to admit to it. Look, I was young, I was innocent, I was trapped in the wilds of Somerset with not a decent pub for miles.

  8. I’m ashamed to say that it was probably Martini. Not knowing what to drink but determined to try this drunkenness thing, I went thirds on a bottle consumed behind the Youth Club (consuming alcohol behind said club became “going to the club” for concerned parents – they never suspected a thing. I doubt they were concerend, either). It was revolting, so we did it again the following week.
    I was convinced the shopkeeper believed I was 18 until the time I brazenly tried to buy something when the shop was full of other customers. When challenged I claimed to be of age, then misguessed the year of my birth by about 3 years (“erm… 1965?”).
    I was either 13 or 14. Those years are muddy to say the least.

  9. Aww crap, do we have to?
    Thunderbird. I grew up with some ‘well classy’ blokes. I’d really rather not have to drink it though.. mind you in order after that it was straight vodka (no ice or nowt), a concoction from my parents drinks cabinet (blue vomit is fun!) and finally a pint of heavy in my local.
    All before the age of 16. Tut tut.
    Can I have my ‘last’ first drink please….. pretty please…

  10. As with Gordon, I am unhappy about this, but only because I was led astray by vile, vile young ladies in my youth.
    Can I have a small bottle of Mad-dog 20/20.
    Strawberry flacour, or possibly kiwi.
    Then can I vomit immediately afterwards, please?
    That would be great.
    (And then could I please Please have a long island iced tea, it’s such a lovely day, and I’d like to reinforce the fact that we’re not in Stockport College students union anymore,toto)

  11. I can’t pretend it was Smirnoff Blue, but my first alcodrink of choice was “Little Bricky” being a 1/3 pint bottle of dark, knock-out juice and brewed by Brickwoods (hence the name).
    I was refused a whole pint of it in a pub once, and was made to drink 3 bottles separately.
    I’ll send you

  12. frighteningly enough, my first drink was a shot of tequila. i was a very good girl. with some very bad girl friends.

  13. Ah here we all are in the Saloon Bar of Shame.
    It was a half of shandy for me. Hated it. I think I was sixteen and probably looked twelve but they were tolerant days, as long as there was nee pagger.
    So half of shandy please made with Youngers Tartan. And quick if poss cos I’m off to the coast in an hour or so.

  14. I never benefited from my mother’s milk, or even S.M.A. No, the man you see before you today was raised on his father’s home-made elderflower wine. About 90% alcohol.

  15. If we go w/the first drink I remember and ENJOYED I’d have to say a tequila sunrise please… If we go w/my first drink EVER that would 12 yr old Scotch straight up as a teething remedy… So I’ll take EITHER please…

  16. Half a sweet cider, please.
    Oh shush.

    Karen on May 14, 2004
  17. Sorry, I’m still momentarily stunned that Graybo’s Dad had the ability to breast-feed elderflower wine. Blimey.
    Oh, bottle-feeding. Of course. Sorry.
    Well, yes, if we were *strictly* talking first alcoholic drink, then I really should have mentioned the tot of whisky my mother used to stick in my milk, to get me to sleep through the night when I had cholic.
    That woman’s got a lot to answer for. Hic.

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