May 10, 2004

My First … guest post

Estee and I, sadly lacking in both the wit and imagination of previous guests here at uborka, struggled and then finally came up with a theme. Well, a theme of sorts.
We would do a series entitled My First …,
We both thought up a few choice titles and scurried away to put pen to paper, or at least finger to keyboard.
Posting day finally arrived and intead of displaying my outstanding effort, I display a curse which has afflicted me for as long as I can remember. The memory span of a goldfish.
Mine Host had indeed sent me the logon details a mere month or so ago, and I had characteristically filed it in that part of my brain entitled ‘Future Reference – Do Not Retrieve Upon Pain of Death’.
So apologies fair uborka readers, for the complete lack of content today.
Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.