June 15, 2004

How to……. End up with a very expensive wardrobe

No, Adrian, this isn’t about going to Ikea.
Obtaining what amounts to being a very expensive wardrobe is actually surprisingly simple. What you need to do is attend an event at a hotel that is at the higher end of a given price range. Dump your bag/clothes/belongings in the room, and go to the event.
During the event, get talking to people – or a certain person, more probably – and by the end of the night, *ahem* fail to sleep in the room you’ve paid for.
Voila, a room that has been used purely as a wardrobe (or luggage locker, if you prefer), for which you’ve paid the princely sum of £120.
Non, je ne regrette rien.


8 thoughts on “How to……. End up with a very expensive wardrobe

  1. You were going to sleep in the wardrobe?
    But you ended up sleeping in the mini-bar?
    Am I right?

  2. Close, Vaughan. However, it was suspiciously warm for a mini-bar – perhaps I’d accidentally hit the defrost button?

  3. Absolutely not on the details. A distinct no-no.
    Hussy I may be, Gobshite I’m not.

  4. So the 70’s key swapping thing worked then?

    Debster on June 16, 2004
  5. Hah! No, but the idea of that has just made me laugh out loud.

  6. For the purpose of dumping my luggage before going for a meal with colleagues, I dashed into my room and was confronted by chairs, desks, a TV etc – but no bed?
    Gingerly testing what I took to be a communicating door (though it didn’t actually speak)I found my bedroom – with even more chairs, desks – and another TV.
    For one guest. And (unfortunately) just used by that one guest.

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