July 30, 2004

Are You Lost?

I won’t be able to make it to cocktails today (I’ll be partaking of the bucks fizz at a friend’s wedding), but for anyone who’s accidentally scrolled down too far…


16 thoughts on “Are You Lost?

  1. Mine’s a bucks fizz in a plastic glass, please.
    N.B. cocktails may be served quite late, as your hosts are going to Brighton for the day.

    Karen on July 30, 2004
  2. Great Britain’s first attempt at unmanned space flight was delayed for all the usual problems.
    (Can I have a glass of prosecco, please? Ta.)

  3. Can I have a drink that is roughly the same as having my head smashed in by a gold brick.
    Wrapped around a slice of lemon of course.

  4. Just a large screwdriver please.
    One of those weeks, and the Inspiration module really needs fixing.

  5. Mine’s also a pint. Probably of beer. There is the story of the “Pint of vodka” incident, but this is neither the time and place. Even if I could remember it, which I can’t, so it didn’t happen.

  6. Adrian, do you mean a Pan-Galactic Gargle-Blaster?
    You should never have more than one Pan-Galactic Gargle-Blaster, unless you are a forty-ton mega-elephant with bronchial pneumonia!

  7. Margarita for me please. Been listening to the Beach Boys so need something that’s ‘beachy’…
    Er… which a Margarita is… right?

  8. Okay, take a pint glass, put eight different shots of your choice into it, top up with a Smirnoff Ice (or some other such alcopop) and I’ll down it in one.
    Oh, if somebody would be kind enough to place a cushion on the floor to soften the blow to my head whe I collapse I’d be most grateful.

  9. Dan I belive douglas adams referances have been covered this theme already that I need be no more explict than I have been.
    What are you drinking?

  10. Well that about wraps it up for Adrian.
    I’ll have what he’s having.

  11. i’d like a photograph of me with ten cosmos, with the caption “Vodka Meets its Match”, please. then, i’d actually like ten cosmos, please.

  12. I’d like a Witty Caption, which is a pint glass filled with gin, meths, vermouth and creme de menthe, all in equal measure. Parasol compulsory.

  13. That was supposed to feature the word "please" somewhere. Tsk! No manners!

  14. Don’t s’pose I’m allowed a humble little Smirnoff Blue, eh?
    Very pretty, please…

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