July 16, 2004

Cast your cares away…

Ideally the contributed tracks should represent you, or reflect the personality of your weblog [if any], or somehow summarise the last six months of your life. That sort of thing.

Given that this was my idea, I’m somewhat embarrassed (and by somewhat embarrassed, read: totally mortified) that I’ve been completely and utterly paralysed with indecision this week.
This mortification is only slightly lessened by the realisation that I’m in good company.
Just one song. One song, to represent me, my weblog or my last six months.
All that, into just one song?
So, I had to break it down, into shortlists, and of course, I started with the easy one, my blog, or rather, my not-a-blog-right-now-because-my-life-is-too-complicated-to-write-about [deep breath] and-I-can’t-ignore-it-and-just-be-funny-instead [another deep breath] so-i’ll-just-post-pretty-pics-until-i-sort-out-my-photoblog.
Not much to go on there but the name, and the only diva song I know is Don’t Leave a Diva by Velvet Chain.
As for the last six months?

Well, the shortlist wasn’t quite so short for this one.
First of all, Dragon beat me to the punch with probably the most relevant one. Then I ran into the same problem he had, and couldn’t go for the Johnny Cash cover of Hurt, and then, he picked Paint it Black, so I couldn’t pick that either. Damnit.
Various other songs came to mind, most too angsty, depressing or just purely to embarrassing to choose (cf: Driving with the Brakes On, Crucify, Landslide)
So that just left me.
… and that was the hardest one of all.
As the song says…

She’s not the kind of girl
Who likes to tell the world
About the way she feels about herself

So I asked around, and got some very interesting answers, and a few weirdly appropriate ones too…
… but in the end, nothing just seemed to fit and so I went hunting through my musical archives for something which seemed appropriate.
I hunted and hunted. Searched high and low. Through directory and sub-directory. Mainstream and obscure.
Then I found it.
My song.
Sing along now…

Dance your cares away *clap, clap*,
Worry’s for another day.
Let the music play,
Down at Fraggle Rock.

(the version by Me First and the Gimme Gimme’s will be made available in good time for the CD production run)


9 thoughts on “Cast your cares away…

  1. yay, pix, karen and i were worried you wouldn’t contribute!

  2. LOL! Fantastic. And to think that I was lining up the theme to “Roobarb and Custard” as an option. And then I found what I thought was a version of the Muppets Theme Tune by KMFDM but turned out to be the remix of the Cantina Theme from Star Wars. Which may be strangely suitable for the cocktails…

  3. Well for one thing, you know Pete will start singing his own version of it again.
    And for another, I wish you’d stuck with the Garbage!

    Karen on July 16, 2004
  4. Well I was going to go with the Garbage song, but figured it might be a little depressing…
    … as for a Pete version of the fraggles – I would be quite prepared to forego the Gimme Gimme’s version for a Pete version of the song on the CD. 🙂

  5. Pete has ruled that none of his songs will be allowed on the CD.

    Karen on July 16, 2004
  6. Couldn’t you have chosen one of the Me First songs that I have? You awkward thing. P2P, here comes me.

    Pete on July 16, 2004

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