July 13, 2004

Infidel Doghouse Continent

Black collar sends East German refugee back switch and crap pathetic
Of earth-like lousy dog role model for infidel doghouse continent
Most citadel dog-eye mirror hypnotic school slaver and learn
Rot from dog on grass and over nervous delicate dog
Detracts light from indiscrepant non-dog-lover
Dog pet dog come home to ya
Come home we’ll talk shit to ya
Dog the pet-owner-owner blistered hanging there death dog
Plato of the human example and copier dogmaster pet mourner
Dog is life

In case there was still anyone out there doubting my choice, I thought I’d treat you to some more of Mark E Smith’s words. Frankly, this is not only a great song, but an extraordinary poem as well. At his best, the poetry of Smith resembles that of Richard Groats.
I asked Groats about this last time I had the honour of meeting him. He scoffed in a noisome manner. Groats does not take kindly to critics drawing comparisons between his work and that of others, which is strange when one considers just how derivative it is. I suspect he is an indiscrepant non-dog-lover or an over nervous delicate dog on a motorbike Like aforementioned Jew on a motorbike but this one’s in the sidecar Nodding dog car with hairy seats of ingratitude dog sitting in saintly sidecar nodding commandment dog not seen until now in the Bible of dogs mounting legs whilst the meek listen to the Sermon on the Mount desperately hoping to inherit the Earth that was meant for dogs.

Doctor Pockless

4 thoughts on “Infidel Doghouse Continent

  1. Which leads me to my next question: do you have this on CD?

    Karen on July 13, 2004
  2. The Fall? On CD? Pah, surely that is far too sleek and modern a recording medium for such a band … accept it on nothing but cheap audio cassette only! 🙂

  3. Damn… I suppose the copy I have on vinyl doesn’t count either then? That was from a second hand record shop in Leeds, and was extremely battered.
    I’ve just decided what I want for Christmas.
    A new record player.

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