July 9, 2004

Knowing mead, knowing Uborka

So, another cocktail afternoon. Let us begin with Adrian. May I introduce you to Juliet. The positions you both assume in private will be entirely your own business, but when you’re done, here is some ale for you.
Miss Karen, who has come to drink Caesar, not to praise him, is intently watching Mike exchange his entire kingdom for a Coors, while the Duke of Rankleberry stoups to conquer.
Vaughan has been served some Galliano to match his cross-gartered yellow stockings, and I hope that he likes it. Due to the ruling that no animals may be harmed during the making of these cocktails, Stuart‘s bar snack has been declined, but his tankard of ale is arriving as we speak.
Miss Pix gets her bucket of tequila, and a dainty glass in order to encourage her not to drink all the bucket in one go. Ade gets his three pints of porter, which is also what we shall serve to Dave, in order that he has drinking company to keep him from sobriety.
A bottle of rather good St Emilion is being shared by Miss Stephanie and Miss Krissa in the corner while they whisper together. If it’s so funny, ladies, share that joke with the rest of the class.
I shall have a simple glass of Warre’s 1977 port, while pouring another for my colleague, D, who is sadly absent. And with that, I raise my glass to you all. Santé.


7 thoughts on “Knowing mead, knowing Uborka

  1. Thanks. Can I take the garters off now? They are chafing rather, you see.

  2. *sniffle* Thats beautiful man, simply beautiful.

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