July 24, 2004

Man eats pie for impressed onlooker

Man eats pie for impressed onlooker


9 thoughts on “Man eats pie for impressed onlooker

  1. Bah. Blatent pieography, and this a family website as well!

    Stark on July 24, 2004
  2. Guess who ate all the pies?
    What …, where you expecting something sleazy?

  3. Oh, Adrian. That one’s not going to win any awards.

    Pete on July 25, 2004
  4. The everyday happenings of Pete and sometimes Pete’s girlfriend Karen.

  5. Karen was impressed with Pete’s impromptu pie dentistry lesson, but wondered why she had to listen so closely to her pie.

  6. Higgins was seized by a sudden desire to give all his worldy possessions to the poorhouse. Fortunately for his dear wife, the desire passed in an instant.

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