July 12, 2004


Uborka Mix CD:
‘Come Back To Camden’ – Morrissey

Your leg came to rest against mine
Then you lounged with knees up and apart
And me and my heart, we knew
We just knew, for evermore

Where taxi drivers never stop talking
Under slate grey Victorian sky
Here you’ll find, my heart and I
And still we say come back

Come back to Camden
And I’ll be good
I’ll be good.

No explanation really necessary, I think.


36 thoughts on “Return

  1. I have to say, this is shaping up to be a fine compilation. Since discussions of a musical nature have been infrequent on Uborka I did not realise what persons of taste we were.
    Not a single duff track yet.
    No pressure, ye who have yet to post.

  2. I notice that no one has yet suggested a Cardiacs track? I would suggest ‘Is This The Life?’, but fear that other Cardiacs fans – all three of them – would berate me for choosing something from the rather more conventional end of their catalogue. “Not enough random time signatures!” they would cry.

  3. Oh damn, did I forget to mention No Morrissey?

    Karen on July 12, 2004
  4. To quote Pete [below]:
    If we get more than 80 minutes of nominations then I will be as fair as possible when editing for the final CD, and I will probably take comments and my own taste in music into account.
    It would be such a shame if we had too many contributions, and had to miss off the Morrissey.
    And what more incentive could the other contributors need, to add their own tracks to the CD?

    Karen on July 12, 2004
  5. I think there’s room for a little Morrissey on the Uborka Mix CD. I strongly suspect you have not even heard the track in question.
    Although it goes with out saying that your decision is final, I stand by Mark’s choice.

  6. I strongly hope that I haven’t heard the track in question. Morrissey, along with Terry Pratchett and the Welsh, remains one of my treasured rational prejudices. Don’t mess with it.

    Karen on July 12, 2004
  7. In which case, Karen, I would like to remove the track from those under consideration voluntarily, please.

  8. Pratchett and Wales I can understand. So I’ll let it go. Your irationality follows a special kind of logic.
    And Doctor Pockless likes special kinds of logic.

  9. Morrissey and Whales (no, no misspelt) I can understand. So I’ll let it go. Your irationality follows a special kind of logic.
    And Doctor Adrian likes special kinds of logic.

  10. I feel mean now. Maybe I’ll listen to it and then decide.

    Karen on July 12, 2004
  11. Whilst I admire your willingness to try, we also quite like you when you’re mean… And although I’d be happy to see this track on the CD, I certainly wouldn’t urge you to read any Pratchett before reconsidering its place on the Uborka library shelf.
    But, then, unlike Morrissey and Wales, Pratchett is a waste of space whichever way you look at it. Wales would just be more sea anyway, and they have some nice hills.

  12. The best thing about the Smiths was Johnny Marr. Morissey is a crooning, talentless, miserable old whining hack and I’m not surprised his girlfriend was in a coma because, frankly, it’s a better option than having to listen to his so-called songs.
    Dragon, the Welsh Pratchett reader.

  13. Pretentious knobbery is not an unreasonable pastime.
    Don’t get me wrong. I’m no Smithite – but I do think that they have a rightful place in the pantheon of British pop history. And as for Morrissey, whilst never likely to achieve the greatness of the Smiths, he is seldom uninteresting.
    I’ll lay off Pratchett and Wales for now, at least until the Uborka theme is tedium.

  14. Dragon, brilliant.
    Doc Poc Nif, I agree the Smiths have their place in history. I wish Morrissey would stay their with them.

  15. Catching up with all this, my initial reaction was “Morrissey? But he’s a twat!”… but considering the wit and insight of some of the other comments I’ll have to rethink…
    Hmmm, how about:
    Morrissey? But he’s a twat!

  16. i feel i must stand up for mark. people, he’s the OFFICIAL CAMDEN AMBASSADOR. if he didn’t nominate a camdenesque song, they’d take away his NW1 priviledges. and i mean, christ, how many songs did he have to choose from?
    boo, get off.

  17. Krissa, it’s not that we’re having a go at Mark – just Morrisey. Mark is well within his rights to choose a song about his NW1 sanctuary but he could have chosen “Camden” by Planet of the Bugs (might be cr@p but it’s not Morrisey) or “Camden” Town by Graham “Suggs” McPherson (might be cr@p but it’s not Morrisey) or even “Goodbye Nashville, Hello Camden Town” by Chilli Willi and the Red Hot Peppers (might be cr@p but worth it for the novelty value. And not Morrisey!)

  18. Go Dragon! You remain an exception to my welsh-people prejudice.

    Karen on July 12, 2004
  19. Or Mark could have chosen something by the Pixies (it’s not crap but it’s not Morrisey).
    I belive they played in Camden once.

  20. I had my purse nicked in Camden once. This argument is not swaying me.

    Karen on July 12, 2004
  21. Would any Welsh Morrissey-adoring Pratchett readers care to stand up and declare themselves?
    Nope, thought not.

  22. christ in a sidecar, i’ve never even heard the song being attacked. i’ll back out of this english brawl.

  23. I believe she is referring to Da Vinci’s “Christ in the sidecar” in which the Italian painter depicted Christ sitting in a sidecar at the foot of the Mount Of Olives. There is nobody driving in the picture, since despite having invented the motor assisted bike and sidecar, Da Vinci had not yet deduced how the dashed thing ought to be driven. This is why, despite his extraordinarily accurate proofs, we were not riding around in Da Vinci’s creation until a few centuries later.
    This painting prefigured the more famous “Christ in a Helicopter”.
    Incidentally, it is surely worth noting that the first track to be forbidden from the Uborka Mix CD has generating the most comments. What was the song again?

  24. Vaughan – if you release an album called “Irish Blood, English Heart”, you can probably expect your name to be etched on to the national shit-list (perhaps only a couple of places below Anne Robinson).

  25. I have Irish Blood and an English Heart. It doesn’t really mean anything besides the fact that my parents are Irish and I was born in England. I gave up any pretense to having an Irish heart when I met other England born pretenders. I’m not sure what having an English heart means – probably that it’s a bit dicky on account of all the pie.

  26. k: not having heard the song is not an important part of the discussion. I haven’t heard it either.
    Nick (Pocklessless): I haven’t forbidden it. Just moaned about it a lot. It should be allowed on to the album just for being the most controversial choice.

    Karen on July 13, 2004
  27. We’re a tame lot when Morrissey is the most controversial choice. Therein lies a challenge for those who have yet to decide!
    By the way, I have no idea who this Nick chap is.

  28. That’s precisely because we’re all the kind of people who won’t object to the more obscure selections.

    Karen on July 13, 2004
  29. Damn.
    I just listened to it.
    I like it.
    I feel a bit odd.

    Karen on July 15, 2004

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