July 20, 2004

Songs featuring insects #1

Dolly Parton memorably sang Love Is Like A Butterfly (lyrics). Sadly, history does not record how Ms Parton reacted upon discovering exactly what those cruel, heartless butterfly catchers actually do to butterflies – although her follow-up single, Love Is Like A … Oh No! The Butterfly Net! Oh God! THE PIN! THE PIN!, which was performed to a dissonant industral soundtrack provided by Throbbing Gristle instead of the normal twanging steel guitars, was one of Dolly’s few notable commercial failures.


8 thoughts on “Songs featuring insects #1

  1. But I’d give Alien Ant Farm a miss because they covered a song by Kiddyfiddler Jackson.

  2. … and they weren’t that good live, were fairly rude, and I got concussion as a result of attending one of their gigs.
    Not that I’m bitter at all.

  3. Hmm I quite liked AAF. Although they never hit me on the head. My head isn’t as soft as some anyway …

  4. I quite liked AAF too, until I went to the gig.
    I think part of it might have been down to galloping old age combined with grumpiness at being kicked in the head by a bunch of 15 year old private schoolboys in Linkin Park hoodies, thinking that crowd surfing and shoving people over constitues moshing and thus makes them rebels.

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