July 20, 2004

Spider sense tingling

Spider-Man 2 – Deleted scenes #6
A long-distance telephone call.

Bruce Wayne: So, you heard what Spider-Man’s been up to recently?
Clark Kent: Nope.
Wayne: You sound really interested.
Kent: I am, I am, go on.
Wayne: Well, do you remember a scientist at Empire State called Octavius?
Kent: Vaguely, yes.
Wayne: It turns out that …
Kent: Hang on, Bruce, I’ve got another call coming in … hello?
Bruce Banner: Hi, Clark, how are you?
Kent: Fine, but I’ve got Bruce Wayne on the other line. I’ll put it on speaker.
Banner: Hi, Bruce.
Wayne: Hi, Bruce.
Kent: So, go on, Bruce, what happened to Parker?
Banner: I don’t know, Clark.
Wayne: No, me Bruce, not you, Bruce.
Banner: Oh, right.
Kent: You guys crack me up.
Wayne: Shut up, Clark. Well, after all the trouble with the Green Goblin, Parker wanted a quiet life, but …
Banner: Green Goblin?
Kent: You remember him, right?
Banner: Not really.
Kent: He was this Green …
Wayne: … Goblin, he gets the picture, Clark. Well, some experiment went wrong to Dr Octavius and he turned into …
Kent: … Dr Octopus, with these tentacles going all over the place, it was mad.
Wayne: Clark, you said you hadn’t heard.
Kent: I just forgot. When you started, it all came back to me.
Wayne: But I’m telling a story.
Kent: Okay, okay.
Wayne: Just let me tell my story, yeah?
Kent: Sorry, Bruce.
Banner: Hey that’s okay, I hadn’t heard yet.
Kent: I meant the other Bruce.
Banner: Oh, okay.
Wayne: Anyway. Parker’s been dealing with a lot of problems there, and I thought …
Kent: Just a second, Bruce, got another call …
Wayne: Dammit, you supertw…
Kent: Hello?
Murdock: Hi, Clark, how are you?
Kent: Good, good. How you been, Matt?
Murdock: Not too bad, thanks.
Kent: Hey, I’ll put you on speakerphone. Everybody, it’s Matt.
Wayne: Hi, Matt.
Banner: Hey, Matt.
Murdock: Hi, guys. So, what are you talking about?
Banner: Well, Bruce said something about green tentacles.
Murdock: Sounds intense.
Kent: And a goblin with eight arms.
Wayne: I’m never going to finish this story.
Kent: No, go on, Bruce, go on.
Wayne: Sod it, just read these: 12345.


18 thoughts on “Spider sense tingling

  1. I see what you’re doing here. I know your game.

    Karen on July 20, 2004
  2. What I want to know is why a Marvel superhero is having a frank and open conversation with two DC heroes. It’s all wrong I tell you, just wrong!
    I’ll get my ..um.. anorak.

  3. Uborka is a place for all, Dragon, regardless of Marvel or DC affiliation.

  4. No, I’m with Dragon on this, Marvel and DC are two different universes. If the twain meet the world would be destroyed.
    Pix, shut it!!!!

  5. Last week: Morrissey.
    This week: Marvel vs DC.
    Let me see what contentious points I can come up with next week.

  6. I hate to break it to Adrian (I lie, but anyway) but the DC and Marvel universes have crossed multiple times. JLA have fought the Avengers, Stan Lee has written Catwoman, the Teen Titans teamed up with the X-Men, Spidey has fought Superman and to make matters even more confusing the X-Men have probably saved half a dozen different US presidents from evil and they’re all still in their late twenties. Except Wolverine who is into triple figures.

  7. Do you think a comic book/cartoon/animation sort of theme would be fun, or have we already covered all the material here?

    Karen on July 22, 2004
  8. More fun to watch D and I try to crowbar comics into disparate, esoteric topics, I would have thought.

  9. the Teen Titans teamed up with the X-Men
    Well, it should be noted that Teen Titans exist in a separate continuity than the rest of the DC universe (which is stupid of them, don’t they remember the Crisis of Infinite Worlds?), so it’s not quite so bad. What was really confusing is when the X-Men teamed up with Star Trek: The Next Generation (“The Team Up to Beam Up!”). No-one could tell Captain Picard and Professer Xavier apart.
    Spidey has fought Superman
    What could Spidey possibly do to even slow down Superman? Metropolis/Gotham couldn’t possibly exist in the Marvel universe.

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