July 22, 2004

The Day Of The Ants

And lo, on the sixth day it came to pass. As was written in the scriptures the pavements opened (well there’s a crack in the concrete, but quite frankly, I think it’s been there a while now) and the multitudes did erupt forth in a frenzied search for blood (again unconfirmed, sorry, none of the ants could persuaded to comment).
That’s right, the path outside my back door is literally and figuratively crawling with flying ants. The aforementioned crack in the concrete is like Kings Cross at rush hour, albeit without the huddles dotted along the platform awaiting the arrival of carriage doors.
Braving the mob, I tried to get some photos of the event, but my camera has decided that the ants are two small to be of importance and busied itself with focussing on the nearest large object instead. I’m just glad that all of this action is taking place outside; I remember only too well the sight of hundreds of big, flying ants trying to escape through the kitchen window when I was a kid.
Stuart’s prediction isn’t completely true though. He stated that “always after rain, the flying ants come.” And we haven’t had any rain for a couple of days. I can only surmise that the ants are piggy-backing onto my WiFi home network to gain access to the Internet, and have been reading Uborka.


1 thought on “The Day Of The Ants

  1. I was out of Hatfield most of yesterday, but I too was more than a little freaked to see that it was The Day of The Flying Ants.
    I didn’t time it, I swear. And I’m not in league with them, either.

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