August 10, 2004

Terry and Julie

Oh, Doctor Pockless! Doctor Pockless! I see your Lola and your Dedicated Follower of Fashion, and raise you Waterloo Sunset – not only the greatest Ray Davies song, but simply one of the greatest songs ever.
Of course, I would say that – since I used to spend many happy hours standing on the old Hungerford Bridge (it’s crucial that it was the old bridge – one long slab of concrete and the rusty red railings – rather than the shiny new one), looking out over the Thames and humming that song to myself.
It was best in autumn, of course. Autumn sunsets on the Thames, the lyrics of Waterloo Sunset on the tip of my tongue.
I know that the Hungerford Bridge is probably closer to Embankment rather than Waterloo, but somehow Embankment Sunset doesn’t sound nearly as good.
The one time I saw Ray Davies live, he actually forgot the lyrics to Waterloo Sunset. I should have been mortified, but it only added to the song’s charms. I defy anyone not to let a tear slip from the corner of their eye when listening to this song.
Oh, wait a minute . . . I don’t think these are the kinds of kinks that everybody wants to read about. Damn. But I’m so pure and innocent, I have nothing else to say. OK, I have a thing about vicars – will that do?


3 thoughts on “Terry and Julie

  1. Last night, I met the vicar who will be marrying Hels and I. Lovely though she is, I doubt that anyone could have any kinky feelings about her.
    So be more specific Vaughan. What exactly do you find kinky about vicars? Come on – we’re all friends here.

  2. My instructions were that the theme was “Kink” and that I should:
    1. Subvert it as I will
    2. Do my worst
    I like to think that not only have I subverted the topic, I have done some of my worst work to date.
    I hope you’re pleased.

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