August 17, 2004

The Dwindling Exactitude of Mail, parts 3/a and 3/b

Dear Karen,
Thank you for your last letter. It was greatly appreciated. Though it is tempting to reminisce about our past correspondence in more detail, I am aware of an audience also looking over your shoulder who might not be quite so fascinated about the pleasures of stolen hotel stationary.
You are overly harsh on yourself when you write:

My early weblogs were written for an audience of two [] They were rubbish, which disproves your theory about knowing your reader, don’t you think?

Six sides of A4 worth of literary merit is not to be snorted at, and it is presumably on account of those six sides that I remember enjoying it more than you perhaps realise.
I’ll allow that the tabloid remark sounded harsh, and even that I may have taken Lieut. Moth’s words out of context. It was flattering to think that Pockless was a broadsheet to your tabloid, but it would be for entirely the wrong reasons. His point was that he didn’t read Pockless, where as the posts on Uborka fit more comfortably into his working day. He doubtless finds them more entertaining too. Obviously I quoted him because I knew it would provoke some sort of response.
I really must get on,
Yours superfluously,
Doctor Pockless
Apprentice Toe Surgeon & Man of Letters
Dear Mr. Wingman,
Your letter of yesterday was a pleasant surprise. There is indeed much to be said for the physicality of letters. The gesture must be taken into account, but I would not rush to claim this was the only value of letter writing. Inevitably the package instills yet more delight than the slim envelope – I too was a fervent compiler of cassettes. Making CD compilations never really caught on for me, but I suspect that this is more a generational thing. Were I a decade younger or more, I think I would have embraced the possibilities inherent in CD compilations.
But my principle concern is the difference in what you actually write.
Finally, I must respond to your challenge. If anyone wishes to rise to it, I’m willing to make my postal address available, but I suspect that we will not complete our correspondence in time to post the results before Friday cocktails. I will however, reply in the form of a letter posted here to anyone who cares to post a letter addressed to me.
I don’t think I’ve really added anything to the discussion today, but that’s never stopped me before.
Yours inordinately,
Doctor Pockless
Discredited Fencing Instructor & Man of Letters

Doctor Pockless