August 17, 2004

King’s College Chapel at Sunset

Dear Dr. Pockless,

Please forgive the use of a postcard, rather than a true letter, but I expect that this missive will be short, and I have something of a stockpile of these cards. I digress, more on that later.

I feel that you were somewhat hasty in your dismissal of Mr. Wingman’s theme of the physicality of letters. Surely the physical manifestation of the words is an important part of the letter experience? Many, dare I say most, books are written on word processors these days, yet the printing of those words onto thinly-sliced dead tree adds so much value to the paragraphs and sentences. In addition to being able to swat flies, press flowers, and fill up unused shelf space.

Then there is the increase in enjoyment on the part of the writer of the letter. Am I the only one to revel in the tactile pleasure of the jet black ink flowing from my fountain pen onto heavy cream parchment? I would venture that the feeling would manifest itself in the prose, thus providing some of the extra quality which you rightly identify in the handwritten letter.

Sorry, I’m running out of space, so I must go. Having a lovely time.

Wish you were here. Ade.


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