August 5, 2004

Unexpected Music

The postman arrives, bills fall to the floor,
My ebay purchase! I run to my door.
A white, padded parcel enclosing CD
Promotional album by Kid Symphony
I’m tearing it open, but wait, what is this?
A slipcase proclaiming – Uborka Mix!


12 thoughts on “Unexpected Music

  1. And it came with such a lovely little hand-written note, signed in person by The Karen. I’ve framed it already.
    Thank you, Uborkers.

  2. I’m devastated that girlinky didn’t make the cut. Thank God Morrissey did.
    “…there was something I wanted to tell you, it’s so funny you’ll kill yourself laughing….”

  3. Yes. We have to post at least 15 minutes of the screenplay a day, and the story needs to fit the Uborka CD chronologically.
    The opening scene takes place on Fraggle Rock.
    When complete Karen and Pete will go and film it on a shoestring budget using local acting talent, and we’ll all get a copy in the post on DVD.
    Please try and avoid complex scenes involving giant CGI dinosaurs, natural disasters or rampaging armies.

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