February 13, 2005

Choose your own clee-shay

Books #7-10 of 2005
Blackberry Wine by Joanne Harris: not as intriguing or mystical as Chocolat or Coastliners, and not particularly original. It seems that when the central character is a blocked author, there’s really only one way for the plot to go.
The Haunted Hotel by Wilkie Collins: not as intriguing or mystical as The Moonstone or The Woman In White. Used exactly the same device, to less dramatic effect, as TWIW, and was nowhere near as beautifully written. The Venetian setting compensated somewhat.
Venice: Tales of the City edited by Michelle Lovric: a collection of extracts, letters and poems about Venice. The food section was particularly good.
3/5 each
Fear of De Sade by Bernardo Carvalho: pointless drivel in the wannabe-Kafka-esque vein.