July 19, 2005

More Fake Stuff

I walked the entire length of the Great Wall of China at the weekend. My feet did hurt a bit by the time I finished, but I still managed to have a quick look around the Temple of Confucious before going back to the hotel.
Prior to that I had toured 80 Chinese villages, and been hey! hello! missy-d in all of them, with the tempting offers of fans and personal name stamps. Shenzhen has absolutely no indigenous culture, but it has a splendid theme park with the appropriate name of Splendid China, which is half mock-up houses, containing either authentic furniture or tat stalls; and half miniature chinese landmarks. The miniature chinese landmarks are somewhat marred by the tower blocks of Shenzhen rising behind them; if only I could show you the photos.
Also, the bushes were singing, which was a little odd. There were speakers hidden in every shrub, piping chinese music to the sightseers. If it hadn’t been getting on for 35 degrees, we would all have been skipping and dancing down the paths. Even with my little pretty parasol, it was damn hot. Parasols are a damn good invention, though.