July 22, 2005

Things to do in Hong Kong Airport

  • Walk for miles; it’s very, very big.
  • Check in early and get an aisle seat so you can stretch your legs on the flight. The last two hours were hell on my arthritic knees, on the way out.
  • Check in the Gucci and Prada shops to see if the fakes you bought in China are any good [answer: yes]
  • Get a pedicure for HKD135 [but not if you only have 50 left]
  • Find a viewpoint and take photos of the thunderstorm and the low grey clouds. Also, expect a turbulent take-off.
  • Look at the iPod cases and wonder how much they cost in the UK.
  • Find the free internet terminals and look up iPod cases.
  • Get extremely impatient. I want to go home now. I want fresh air, food that does not contain pigs’ ears, cows’ stomachs, chickens’ feet, or any other animal part that is strictly NOT food. I want my own bed and I want Pete.

Thank you for listening; China is now over. There will be some photos on flickr later in the week.


12 thoughts on “Things to do in Hong Kong Airport

  1. Tiger Balm Gardens are a site to see as well. Not that fab, but a place to pass the time.
    I sometimes think, wouldn’t it be nice if you and Han crossed paths there some day…
    He heads out again in September. I should think that the two of you could exchange tales.
    So, tell me about those chilis….you do know th

    sue on July 22, 2005
  2. Update: Flight delayed by at least three hours. Anticipate missing the connection in Frankfurt. Boo, and boo again. Sue, whatever are you doing up so early?

    Karen on July 22, 2005
  3. Actually I’m not so sure MacDonald’s contains any animal parts in it. I think it’s entirely synthetic these days.

  4. I believe that MacDonalds burgers are actually 100% meat these days (with a little bit of salt and pepper added at the last minute, of course). However, because it is incredibly, incredibly lean meat, it’s flavourless and dry and basically a bit crap.

    Pete on July 22, 2005
  5. Try this site.
    I don’t think that McDonalds would make claims such as these if they weren’t true. After all, this is the kind of stuff that takes about two and a half minutes to check.

    Pete on July 22, 2005
  6. Oh I know, I’m just joking around that it tastes nothing like a beef burger that its’ either completely synthetic or rat. I know it isn’t but I was just being sarcastic/humours.
    Clearly my wit is ahead of its time. I still feel it’s important to laugh at my own jokes even if no one else does.

  7. Yes, there’s some elusive quality of your humour that renders it undetectable by typical methods. Now, I wonder what that quality could be?
    Whoops, nearly forgot the winky smiley… 😉

    Pete on July 22, 2005

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