September 1, 2005

Board Meeting at AOL

Boss: We’re here today to discuss how we can destroy Google. To do that, we need to be more like them. People, start giving me ideas.
Some guy: Well, Google’s motto is “Do no evil.”
Boss: That’s clearly not practical. Anyone else?
Some other guy: They have elegant, simple interfaces and good employee working conditions.
Boss: Hmmmm, I’m not feeling it yet.
Guy #3: (stifling a snigger) They release stuff to the public and keep calling it “beta” for over two years.
Boss: YES! That’s it! It’s edgy, it’s informal, it’s what we’re looking for. You, sir, are getting a payrise.
Guy #3: Fuck yeah!
Boss: …though it’s still less than the rate of inflation.
Guy #3: Grumble.