May 25, 2013

Did it all go suddenly quiet?

You may have noticed a sudden gap in the almost daily posting we’ve had around here. In our initial burst of enthusiasm, we both wrote a load of stuff and saved it in draft. The drafts have at last run out, and we’re now feeling that “oh no, I must write a post” pressure. And then, as you see, we sensibly ignored it.

Over the next week I’m taking Bernard up north to stay with my mum for a few days, as it’s half term. So I’ll be bored witless and moaning about it here; isn’t that something to look forward to? Meanwhile Pete will be playing Terraria, drinking whisky, and doing whatever it is he does when he has the house to himself. Hopefully that will include writing a few more drafts. We also have your interview with Lyle coming up on Tuesday; Uborka Running Club on Wednesday; the launch on Thursday of Uborka Lifestyle Week, which will take place from Monday 3rd June, featuring Auntie Lori, Auntie Mike and Auntie K as your lifestyle gurus, available to answer all your questions. And on Friday, extra special super duper wedding cocktails, with actual real live drinking taking place at Clair’s wedding.

So it’s going to pick up again soon, I promise.


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