June 10, 2013

Uborka’s Got Style: Find me a blue mascara!

Blue Witch asks “is there anywhere that still sells BW Blue mascara? Boots No.7 seem to have discontinued the last one I could find. I hate shopping and make-up counters scare me these days (I struggle with most artificial scents, and overly made up young girls trying to sell me things I would never use). Lots of brands have produced it over the years, and I’ve never used anything other than blue. I did buy some ‘barely black’ a while ago, but decided i’d rather wear no mascara than that. Teal blue just won’t do, and brown just isn’t right!”

Fun fact: my first ever mascara was blue. Back in my early teens, when I knew nothing about make up and never wore the stuff, my mum’s best friend bought me a Mary Quant make up box for Christmas. One of the things inside was a blue mascara and I was instantly lured in by its charms. Sadly though, it’s not been a terribly easy thing to get hold of since then, but you’re in luck now as it was a mini-trend for AW12, so there are a few for sale still.

Superdrug stock a couple of bargainous options, which gives the added benefit that they’re not being sold in a place that stinks of perfume by over eager shop assistants. VML Luminizer Mascara Blue Eyes and the insanely cheap (although really good, if their eyeshadow is anything to go by!) MUA have an electric blue mascara. Boots sell another bargain blue – Collection 2000’s Extreme Coloured Length Mascara. They also sell Benefit’s BADgal blue, but you’ll have to brave a make up counter to get it… or just buy some online without testing it first. The reviews of it look pretty good. To be honest, I thought I’d find more. Maybelline did one, but it appears to be only available to order in bulk from Amazon now! Mind you… perhaps it’s worth stocking up.

Lori Smith

3 thoughts on “Uborka’s Got Style: Find me a blue mascara!

  1. Lori, you have extended my mascara-wearing days, thank you so much! I shall have to brave a larger Boots (or order online when their website is not temporarily unavailable – is it a sign ask myself?). Small Local Town only do black or brown these days and the No. 7 woman told me they didn’t do blue any more at all, but then she is always a charming soul for whom everything is too much trouble. I should have known better than to believe her.

    Spookily, I too had that Mary Quant make-up set, and that is where the BW Blue mascara started. When it’s on it doesn’t look at all blue – but, I have very black eyelashes, and very blue eyes. Black is just too harsh for me.

    I did stock up once before and by the third of the 5 I had, they were dried out, despite being kept in a cool dark cupboard. And I’m sure there is less in a mascara is a container (wand?) now than there used to be… or is that just my age?

    Thanks again.

  2. Me too, Karen! Though I remember swearing blind I didn’t have any on (honestly mum my eyelashes are naturally that colour.)

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