February 15, 2014

Where are you now? Annie, February

kings place
Hello Uborkans!

Uborka was the first blog I ever stumbled across on the internet, and everyone was so bright and funny, so warm and welcoming, it encouraged me to start my own. So it was great to find Uborka is still alive and kicking.

Today I am (I was) at Pangolin, London, with some of my fellow art students. It is a sculpture gallery in King’s Place, bang next to the fancy new Guardian building on York Way. King’s Cross has changed out of recognition in recent years, from rough around the edges, clubbers, streetwalkers and junkies, to high class concert venue, high speed rail and highly expensive art college (St Martins).

More generally, I’ve started studying art in college (not St Martins) in my fifth decade, which shows you’re never too old to start again. Hurray!

Posted by Donkey on behalf of Annie


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