May 6, 2014

Where are you now? Clair, May


So, we’ve just got back from Hastings, which is where all the cool people were this weekend.

This is out second visit to Hastings for the May Day weekend. I love the parade, and went as far as to dress up for it this weekend, all in green and with flowers in my hair.

Neil and I have particular tastes in Morris Men, we despise the hanky wavers, preferring instead the black faced dancers who go around hitting big sticks during the dances, and generally have a more Gothy or Rocky outlook on life.

My favourite bit of the professions is probably the drummers though. I love the drummers.


3 thoughts on “Where are you now? Clair, May

  1. What was that pub with rooms that you mentioned, Clair? I am collating information for the Uborka-In-The-Green festival next year!

  2. It was the Jenny Lind ( We stayed there two years ago, nice rooms, the breakfast part of the B&B was provided by the cafe over the road (v. tasty) and there’s a fantastic view of the parade route if you happen to get one of the rooms that overlooks the street.

    Clair on May 6, 2014

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