November 6, 2014


rr-4-fourAh yes. Four. Well, it has four sides.

It sounds, from the information Pete’s been recording, as though he uses manual settings and controls all sorts of variables. I’ve never got beyond aperture priority myself. But it means, in theory, I can select which bit is in sharp focus and how much else is less so. With this one I didn’t want the view through the “window” completely blurrified because I wanted the words on the signs to be tantalisingly discernible as words but not actually legible.

Of course the effect can be entirely arbitrary since I now need glasses to look at things close to me and, fantastically annoyingly, another pair to look at things far away. Two pairs? wtf! well needless to say I hardly ever wear either so can’t actually see the camera screen properly… almost everything can look out of focus to me.


2 thoughts on “Four

  1. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression, I don’t use full manual. Usually shutter priority, unless I’m trying to do something specific with DoF.

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