November 3, 2014


I added extra rules… one walk, within five streets of the house, one lens and no cropping or processing, just straight out of the camera. This could be construed as constraints elegant as those governing a sonnet. Alternatively those who conclude I’m a lazy slob might also be right. Luckily it wan’t raining yesterday afternoon when I (we, me and the dog) hauled our asses out. And actually I had to resize the images and save them for the web to make them fall within the upload limit, so that was a bit annoying.

rr-1-oneTaken with swanky equipment.


4 thoughts on “One

  1. In “Two”, rr undoes the gratuitous vandalism of this bicycle (or simply posts the before shot and tosses the front wheel into a nearby canal).

  2. Heh. Graybo, you obviously have access to the security cameras. And I thought I was well disguised.

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