January 13, 2015

Uborka Reading Challenge, Lyle – A Start

So, the 2015 Reading Challenge has started, and this is where I stand today…

Note : I’m only going to use each category once, even if more than one book fulfils the same categories. If the True Uborkans want me to list each category for each book, that can be done.

So far this year I’ve read – with categories in brackets, and comments/reviews underneath in italics (added later, by request of Karen)

  • Impact, by Adam Baker. ( 4, 9, 10, 19, 30, 34, 40, 49)
    Awful, awful, awful. Just don’t.
  • Broken Monsters, by Lauren Beukes ( 12 )
    a tale about killers and artists, some interesting ideas (and I love the tagline that even monsters have nightmares), but ultimately it’s not likely to be one I read again.
  • Point, by Thomas Blackthorne ( 26 )
    This one (and ‘Edge’, it’s predecessor) is a long-term favourite – a semi-future Britain with a clear vision and voice. Point can be read on its own, but I like the two together
  • The Survivor, by Sean Slater
    First novel by Slater, starting off with what appears to be a school shooting, but develops into something more. I liked this one, and will at least read the second. There’s an amount of cliche to it, but it’s not a bad read at all
  • 100 Bullets (Book 1) ( 5 , 16 , 39 )
    A graphic novel, this volume has the first ten or so episodes – basically about vengeance, people are approached by a man calling himself Agent Graves, who gives them an attache case filled with information on a target, a gun, and the titular 100 bullets. The bullets won’t be traced, the evidence will be dropped, they can kill their target and get away with it. Will they?
  • String Diaries, by Stephen Lloyd Jones ( 7ish – humanoid, but not human)
    Another first novel – I saw the second and was interested, but decided to read the first one beforehand – concerning a long-lived set of people from Hungarian mythology, and their effects on those around them. I liked this is a lot, pretty gripped from Page One, and found it an interesting read. Karen would possibly like it (and no doubt pronounce the various Hungarian words/names far better than I can!) and I’ll be getting the second book.
  • No Comebacks, by Frederick Forsyth ( 11 )
    Still one of my favourite short-story collections – several tales, all with a twist in the end – and I’ve re-read them regularly over the last twenty-odd years.

Ugh, I need to get out more.


3 thoughts on “Uborka Reading Challenge, Lyle – A Start

  1. And come on, tell us what they were like, so we can decide if we want to use them to tick those categories off ourselves!

  2. Seven books in thirteen days is *extremely* impressive. What will you do in February when you have finished the challenge?

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