March 10, 2015

Uborka Reading Challenge, Lyle – February

It’s been a while since I added a new list here – and there’s been a fair few books over February, so here goes…

NOTE : There’s a few that only qualify on repeat criteria, so I haven’t bothered noting those – only new criteria are detailed.

  • Vendetta, by Dreda Say Mitchell
    Not bad – although ultimately unmemorable. Fairly standard ‘gangland whodunnit’ type thing with lots of ‘twists’. Most of which I saw coming. *shrug*
  • Driving Force, by Dick Francis
    Like putting on a pair of slippers. I was feeling ill, and this was like comfort food for my brain. Qualified in “read in less than a day”, but mainly because I know it inside out.
  • BlackHouse, Lewis Man and ChessMen by Peter May
    (23, 28, 35 (for some of it), 33 and 41)
    A trilogy based around the Isle of Lewis – I’ve had Blackhouse for ages, but finally got round to reading it, and then ripped through the other two in short order. I liked muchly, and will almost certainly read more of his stuff before long.
  • Gamble, by Dick and Felix Francis
    More “slippers”, but these ones have been covered in cat-sick a couple of times. The Francis books have gone right downhill since Felix took over from Dick. (Fnarr)
  • Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan
    More slippers, if in a violent and sci-fi way.
  • Snakes and Ladders, and The Guilty by Sean Slater
    A new author to me this year, and now I’ve read all three that are currently Kindle-available. They’re not high-art, and there’s some thematic traits that annoy, but they’re an OK read.
  • There’s also Gemini Cell by Myke Cole
    (45), but it’s bloody awful. One of the very few books where I’ve got halfway through and really wondered whether I can even be chuffed to finish it. I did, but it was a struggle. Just rotten.

As it is, I’m up to 22 books by now, so that target of 100 in the year is looking pretty achievable…


2 thoughts on “Uborka Reading Challenge, Lyle – February

  1. I liked those Peter May books, too – I’ve got one by him set in China on my kindle (not read it yet, obvs). Also, what Karen said!

    Lisa on March 10, 2015

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