January 25, 2017

The Giggling Squid

A weird one this, it is a kind of a Thai restaurant and a Tapas place. This is a VERY new restaurant and has only been in Wokingham for a short amount of time.

I rate a 10/10 until something HORRIBLE happened, we waited what seemed like 30 minutes for them to clear up! What sort of show is that?! I rate a 7/10 now! I ate a Pad Thai Noodles and there was a weird thing at the bottom I was like “Hey look at this!” I ate it and “AAUUGGH! What is this!? Mum! what is this!!!” It turned out it was bread and I thought “?!” because why would you have BREAD in a bowl of THAI NOODLES. As a extra I had some beef on skewers with a dipping sauce! That was GOOD. If I came back again I would have Pork Dumplings, Pork Dumplhins HeHe Pork Dumplhins! I like my food because it had a good taste and it showed that they put a lot of work into it.

I like that they had 7 jelly beans in a little pot at the end like the indian buffet restaurants have the mint chocolate.



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