January 22, 2017


This is a very old fast food place in Wokingham, it is a very small shop but it is very good. Thanks for the comment Gordon. I don’t get to go to the shop much because Mum and Dad don’t like it much.In this review I will put up something special too!

I rate this a 8/10 because my food ( a Steak & Cheese Subway with Italian Herb & Cheese Bread) was great. Service 10/10 for speed, you make it yourself, 45 second heat up then this is the special part: you can customise. Yep, you can just say, ” Excuse me, please may I have some Salami & Olives too. Ooh, and some BBQ sauce”. That is what I said. BOOM! Got it! If I came back again I would have a Chicken & Chorizo melt, I dont have to explain it because it is pretty obvious what it is, isn’t it? I like my Sub because it was a very good combination of Steak; Cheese; Olives; Salami and BBQ.

The chain of Subways is very big after all.



3 thoughts on “Subway

  1. Interesting combination. I don’t like olives but I like that Subway let you choose whatever you want.

    I’m sure there are other places that are better though, it’s always good to try new things I think.

  2. Pete would rather chew his arm off than go to Subway, yet in our first year of dating, he took me there for my birthday. How things change.

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