September 2, 2019

The MCU Project: Doctor Strange [2016]

Doctor Strange, a doctor if you didn’t know or guess.

For being a doctor I would think he would be a very safe person because he saw how bad it was for his patients and I don’t think he would want to end up in the same predicament so it suprises me when he is driving down a road in a very fast car on his phone. You don’t have to be good at maths to realise Fast car + Driving down road + Public road + It’s on a cliff  + On phone = Fast car hits other car on public road which is on a cliff because on phone and if you put that to the power of 1 you get a fast car rolling down a cliff face.

It turns out his injuries provide him disabled and he cant move his hands properly so he goes to Kathmandu in Nepal to get his hands fixed by The Ancient One who also teaches him how to twist the world and other magical stuff.

The editing for the battles are very interesting as most of the battles involve shaping the space around the people and creating complex angles, it’s quite easy to lose yourself trying to figure out what is happening as things are being turned on their heads and twisted into strange objects.

I like the scene where one of the assisting teachers hands Doctor Strange some paper which says “shanballa” on it, Doctor Strange asks, “What’s this? Some sort of spell?” but the teacher replies with “No, it’s the WiFi password, what do you think we are, savages?” which I feel really shows how Marvel Studios are trying to give everything a fun sense of modern into it.


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