July 25, 2020

Photos From The Uborka Hitching Ceremony

Step one: DO NOT ENTER THE SITE IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS OF CORONAVIRUS. We did not, so were safe to proceed.

Step two: don masks. Take a cheeky selfie, unsure of whether it’s actually allowed inside this hallowed building. Our fear that we were about to be caught and given a jolly good telling off made us look a little frowny.

Step three: go home and eat cake and drink bubbly with Bernard and my sister. We started off with the best of intentions on the alcohol-free stuff, but I have to sheepishly admit that as the day wore on, we did also crack open a bottle of the intoxicating stuff.

Step four: continue to gorge ourselves on cheese while engaging in periodic Zoom calls with friends and family.

Step five: annoy Henry frequently. This is Henry, by the way. He joined the household a few weeks back. He’s a little bit shy, and a little bit anxious, but he’s gradually coming out of his shell.


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