April 18, 2004

All is quiet in the Uborka Household

King Pete is closeted in his studyo, says he’s making music. Of course there’s always the chance that he’s looking at p0rn on the interweb, but since he discovered that some pedal bit of his drum kit was not in fact broken, as he believed, but only plugged into the wrong thingy, he has been humming a lot.
Even since his shower.
And I’m going through old Uborka posts, manually, with the intention of compiling a Best Of page. Most of the posts I’ve listed so far have been selected mostly for the funny comments. The audience really does write the best bits of Uborka.
On that subject, if there’s anyone out there with a yearning to branch out from their own weblog, we’re still accepting offers to guest on Uborka. We’d particularly like to hear from people who don’t have their own weblog, and people who’ve been reading but never commenting. Or A-listers who secretly read Uborka but would never admit it to their friends. Don’t worry, you can use a pseudonym.
Anyone want a cup of coffee?


5 thoughts on “All is quiet in the Uborka Household

  1. Actually, I’ve decided to make tea instead. It’s a blend of gunpowder tea and assam, with a splash of milk. I thought about having ginger biscuits with it, but that would be silly, as I’ve just been to the gym.

    Karen on April 18, 2004

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