April 30, 2004

Girl Drink Drunk

Well, if it was ever a week I needed a drink this was it. So I’m going first, and I’m having the biggest, pinkest, most decorated cocktail I can find.

*drains bucket*

Right. Now on to serving you lot.

Green Fairy‘s first at the bar, with her request for pink gin, and she’s closely followed by the good Doctor Pockless, who wants Penelope Pitstop, who he can have, if he fights off everyone else in the queue who wants a shot at her, including his lovely sister, and our lovely hostess, Karen.

Since Lyle has emailed Karen, he can have his pint, but he’s having a Pink Russian instead of a Black one, because this is girlie cocktails, and girlie drinks are pink, damnit!

Steph can have her 3 vodka martinis, so long as she doesn’t mind having them in pink glasses.

qB can have two pink panthers, so long as they promise not to chase Sorsha‘s Jessica Rabbit.

Adrian wants a well lubricated woman, but he’s going to have to stop being lazy and work for it.

Graybo wants to cripple his dick, for no reason I can figure out, and will, I’m sure be a great disappointment to his lovely fiancĂ©.

Mark can have his scooby snack, with a pink bow tied around it’s neck.

Anna can get unlimited amounts of whatever alcohol she wants, because she more than deserves it.

and last but absolutely not least, Angel , can join me in another very strong foofy cocktail.

Have a faaaaabulous weekend girls and boys. It’s been a blast.



3 thoughts on “Girl Drink Drunk

  1. *feek and weable noises from the corner*
    Can I stop worrying about writing anything that anyone’s going to read and go and hide on my little boat again?
    feebles off into the rain

  2. Are you saying that Black Russians can’t be all girly? I think some would disagree…

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