April 30, 2004

F. I only managed to reach F.

F, my precious, precious angels, is for ‘Forward Planning and thinking laterally.’
Is these recognised female traits?
Well, if they are, they certainly ain’t round here. F is for ‘forward planning and how I’m rubbish at it’.
And, at that, thank you for your kind, kind offer, karen, but I think we’re going to try and do drinks today. Well, I say ‘we’, I’m going to ask, genial hostess that I am, and pix will be dishing it out to all comers.
So Karen was going to serve on the theme of cartoons, we were, of course, going to serve on the theme of gender (genitals, something like that). So take your pick.
Either order something terribly girly, or cartoonish. Maybe. I don’t know. Not done this before.
Woowoo, anyone?


17 thoughts on “F. I only managed to reach F.

  1. Hell, I’m celebrating. I’ll take one of each. For my girly cocktail, I’d like a Panty Breeze, and for my cartoon cocktail, I’d like a shot of Stop Motion.
    Then, if I may be permitted, I’d like to mix them together. This, of course, results in a Penelope Pitstop.

  2. I’ll go for a woo-woo. Then when I’ve had my woo-woo (and Karen, the urinals in this place are vile – must remember to clean ’em at some point) can I have a pint of Black Russian, please?
    It’s been (another) one of those days…

  3. the only girly drink i can think of is a buttery nipple, and those are nasty, so i’m going to go with a vodka martini instead. and my parents are in town, so could we have 3 vodka martinis please? (i’m sure i’ll end up drinking all of them). thank you very many.

    steph on April 30, 2004
  4. Phew – I’m delighted that I don’t have to do it. I was going to ask for a Penelope Pitstop, but I see that my brother has beaten me to it. I just wanted to be tied to a railway track, and squeal “hay-ulp!” a lot.
    And tell Lyle that he can’t have a cocktail until he replies to my email. Troublemaker.

    Karen on April 30, 2004
  5. Genital theme I can do – a pint of the St Austell Brewery’s Cripple Dick please.

  6. I will have several Pints of bitter please.
    They too are girly drinks. Or if not, they bloody well should be.
    Right now.

  7. I’d like something foofy and fruity w/an umbrella please… and make it a strong one! Thank you!

  8. Sorry for the late order… if you get a chance, I’d love a frozen margarita. Thanks!

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