April 23, 2004

Tiny umbrellas for everyone!

I live in an oceanside town that’s been basking in sunlight recently. You may not. But that’s no reason you can’t drink like you do! Beachy or tropical cocktails today, please.
I’ll take your orders and, like a true Southern California girl, step back and let the boy handle the difficult part: the lovely Stuart will serve your drinks this afternoon, while I behave in a manner appropriate to my time zone by sleeping. Won’t you, Stuart?


37 thoughts on “Tiny umbrellas for everyone!

  1. stuart, might i have a long island iced tea? i’d like to be drunk before anyone else.

  2. seaside bollocks.
    The sun is shining, I’m in bally old London, and I’ll take a large jug of pimms served on the lawn.
    Or better still, in a glass.
    Hell with it, I have the day off and my internet is working again, let’s double that order to celebrate.
    I would like two jugs. Two large jugs. And anyone who would like to join me and my jugs is very very welcome to do so.
    Is that asking too much?

  3. Too… many… jokes…
    Goddamnit, I’m dying here!
    Quick, I want sex on the beach. And a cocktail, something with kiwi in it.

  4. Does ann have impressive jugs too?
    What’s wrong with mine, Adrian?
    Why so anxious to drink from the jugs of ‘ann’?

  5. I’ll tell Josie about Adrian’s penchant for Ann’s jugs. He’s been beastly about them all week since she posted that nudie picture last Friday.

  6. could i please have a large margarita on the rocks? thank you. with an umbrella in it.

    steph on April 23, 2004
  7. *blusters in*
    *blusters out again*

  8. Who’s Ann. What nudie picture? I missed something.
    I love Anna’s jugs and of course meant Anna.
    Stuart, can you please spit in D’s drink.

  9. All of this sleaziness can only mean one thing…
    …mine’s a pint.

    King Pete on April 23, 2004
  10. Tropical drinks? It’s St George’s Day! I’ll have a pint of your finest English ale please.
    It’s also my fiancée’s birthday, so a G&T for her please. Of course, she’s not here to drink it, so I’ll have to have that as well. But it’s the thought that counts.

  11. Ann would be Pix, Adrian? Stuart, can you add some of that Bridgett Love-juice you reserve only for Krissa these days to Adrian’s drink please? He’s good for it.

  12. I’ll have a tequila sunrise after a long hard night of sex on the beach.
    *slaps Adrian on the back of the head*
    Are you saying my jugs are not impressive? Is there something wrong with them??
    Bah. There’s really no pleasing some people. I shall take my jugs elsewhere, somewhere they’ll be properly appreciated.

  13. Usual Smirnoff Blue, please barkeep(ess?) but On The Rocks as it’s a warm ‘un. With a sandwich?

  14. Look I had a lot to drink last night and am not thinking straight. Could everyone please accept my humble apologies and stop confusing me by call ann, pix and pix, ann. It’s too much for me to deal with right now.
    Both Ann (Pix) and Anna (not Pix) have great jugs. I would be please to join either of them with their jugs.

  15. Well that’s got that cleared up and no one has to drink my bodily fluids, which I’m sure will be a great relief to kith and kin.
    Karen has placed her order via email, and for the record (for me, later) she finds that as the problem with sex on the beach is sand in the bits, she will have anything on the rocks.

  16. Tsk. Karen should know that there’s no gain without pain… and that’s what they have beach-side showers for 😉

  17. Always? You mean, even when it’s not remotely appropriate?
    Wow. Bet you never go to the cinema with them.

    King Pete on April 23, 2004
  18. Then your friend clearly doesn’t know what he’s missing 😉

  19. Wow, is that what tearing yourself up inside is known as? Ingoring?

  20. Oh dear. Can I just have a vodka with archers and cranberry juice please? Lots of ice. Ta.
    I’d remember what it’s called, but unfortunately there’s no CSS reminder for it, so currently I’m schnorked when it comes to memory.

  21. since we’re doing cocktails, and since everyone’s being feisty with the innuendo, and since stuart’s the bartender…
    i’ll have a comfortable screwdriver against the rocks, please.

  22. Adrian: oh, but those are always the most fun…
    It’s the quite ones you have to watch, y’know… 😉

  23. Oh Bloody Hell Stuart… what’s taking so long… some of us have a gig to go to and will be leaving the office soon and desperately need a drink…
    Adrian: yes always. You’re just not going about it the right way 🙂

  24. Yet another football match tomorrow I’m afraid. That means I’m on the Orange Juice. 🙂

  25. Which, admittedly, doesn’t get away from the fact that I left cocktails late. My fault entirely.
    Bad Stuart, naughty Stuart.

  26. Being St Georges day, I think I’ll join Graybo in a pint of ale.
    Actually, if I could have my own that would probably be more civilised.

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