May 23, 2004

Also, why is she posting so late at night?

Three quarters of Shiny Tight Stuff is in da house. There has been an infernal racket coming from the spare bedroom for most of the day, as well as a lot of giggling. Then we* went out to attempt a pub crawl, but only managed four pubs before closing time. Now The Band is playing altogether a different instrument [nothing sleazy]: the PS2.
Tomorrow, they have promised a very short gig.


3 thoughts on “Also, why is she posting so late at night?

  1. I hope their short gig is on the roof of Uborka Towers, a bit like the Beatles atop Apple’s offices. Please let it be so.

  2. No, it was in the spare bedroom. It was great.
    I’ve also noticed that I intended to put a footnote, and never did. I was drunk.

    Karen on May 23, 2004

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