May 14, 2004

cheers, m’dears

jack lives here, so help yourself lyle. i’m not sure what brand of beer your parents drank, but if you feel like giving them something back, may i recommend a nice vb.
for stuart, a guiness. sorry mate, i didn’t see any with a teat, but they’ve got some nice bottles on display so we could add one for you. (err…)
moving right along!
here’s a carlton stripe for the destructor. i couldn’t find the plastic cup in question, so may i recommend you choose from a nice selection of beer steins to drink from instead? also, here’s a little something in case it doesn’t taste ashy enough for you!
an orange vodka for a green fairy, as soon as i see some ID, thanks. i’d offer to recreate the experience for you, but i can’t stand listening to metallica, let alone fling myself around to it. so i think i’ll let you enjoy your drink in peace.
a stella or four in the sun for dragon.
for the redhead pix, a southern comfort and lemonade (which i think sounds far more tempting than calling it a bayou backwater).
vaughan, here is your pernod and blackcurrant. i don’t know why you’re embarrassed – it looks perfectly respectable and refreshing to me.
there are so many ways to make a martini, that i may just have to go through them one by one until the good doctor finds the one he likes best, or until he re-attains the state of muddiness, whichever comes first.
i have to admit i have no idea what a pint of ‘heavy’ is, so gordon, if you’ll pardon my ignorance and accept a vb instead i will be most grateful.
anna, to save you unpleasant memories of regurgitation, i’m going to skip the MD and give you a long island tea straightaway.
mr d, i’m not entirely sure, but i hope this is what you’re after.
a shot of tequila for krissa. don’t forget the salt and lemon!
some younger’s tartan and lemonade for robin – sorry it’s late, hope you’re enjoying the coast.
graybo, i’m not sure if this is anything like that what your father made, but if it’s not strong enough you might just have to drink this instead!
since it’s the weekend, i reckon angel should enjoy both a scotch and a tequila sunrise.
karen has also ordered a tequila sunrise, here’s one especially for her.
phew. i think that’s everyone.
i’d join you all, but i’ve already had too much to drink tonight. it’s also why cocktails are so late today. sorry. *hic*


3 thoughts on “cheers, m’dears

  1. I’m most impressed you managed to track down My First Beer.
    Here’s that virtual

  2. VB is fine thanks – and a pint of ‘Heavy’ is Tennents Special, which is similar to an english bitter.

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