May 15, 2004

Keep It Cool

My old CPU cooler: Two and a half year old, intermittently noisy, AMD Athlon Thunderbird standard issue
My new CPU cooler: Spire WhisperRock IV
Would it be fair to say that I have been getting disproportionately excited about this pretty item that will sit inside my computer and be invisible to the human eye ever since I ordered it on Sunday? Why, yes, it most certainly would.
Oh, and a quick survey. Does anyone else here find that EVERY SINGLE TIME they take their case off their computer, even if only to take a photograph of their CPU fan, they cut themselves and don’t notice until ten minutes later they discover a scarlet gash on their finger?
My case clearly has too many sharp edges. I must get a new one. Like a Chieftec BX-02B-B-SL, for example, which one of my co-workers has, and is most purdy.
And incidentally, may I take this opportunity to welcome this week’s guest bloggers. Now, I’m off to shop for a barbecue.


3 thoughts on “Keep It Cool

  1. Yup, Chieftec cases are mighty fine. I myself have just bought the Black Dragon which, I thought, was quite appropriate.
    It’s just the temptation to get the transparent side and the red neon case lighting that I have to resist now.

  2. Sadly I have the following comments.
    1) Damn thats a cool fan.
    2) Yes I cut myself when taking PC’s apart. Every time.
    Although I have a laptop now so neither applies to me anymore.

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