May 21, 2004

Friday Knees Up

The vague theme meandering through some of the posts this week has been programmes on fictional TV station. But the one thing we’ve been missing all week is any kind of sitcom or, more to the point, soap opera. So this afternoons cocktails will make up for that.
All you need to do is think of a possible soap opera (or sitcom) character (real – as in from Corrie or suchlike – or made up), a plotpoint for that character (a secret, some character trait or situation they may find themselves in) and a drink.
Then we’ll see what kind of hash I can make putting it altogether.
Incidentally, the quiz below is still open. I may have to defer the hard job of determining the winner to someon else though. Karen – where are you?


12 thoughts on “Friday Knees Up

  1. Right then. I think I would have to be Dr. Legg, in which case, I’d prefer a drop of something medicinal. Like a pint.
    Of course, I have my own spin off soap now, called “Make Bare The Legg” (After Isaiah Chapter 47) and the immortal joke:
    Patient: Doctor, doctor, I broke my leg in two places.
    Doctor (Legg, Pockless, or otherwise): I’d stay away from those places, if I were you.

  2. In a fit of dubious sarcasm, can I be the infamous RedClay? Invisibility is his secret talent, and luckily he likes pints of Black Russian, like me.

  3. That’s harsh, Lyle. redclay wrote a post.

    Pete on May 21, 2004
  4. I’ve enjoyed the week on Uborka TV, thank you very much. What I’d like to drink, right now, is a large bloody mary. I have no inspiration about how to make that into a soap opera theme, but there’s probably an obvious joke, and Pete is the man to make it.
    As for where I am; I’m in the library, in my lunch break, and sadly will not have time to judge the competition before cocktails. Go on Dragon, be a man, you can do it. Or just pick one out of a hat. And remember, if you’re paying for cinema tickets, then it would be a good idea to award it to Doctor Pockless, as he lives in Hungary where cinema tickets are cheaper.

    Karen on May 21, 2004
  5. Yup, I’d missed that one. OK, reassessment required :
    Can I be the latest addition to C5 Family Affairs : Winston Yevgeniy Smith. Speciality : History of the Black Russian. Drink : Pints of Black Russian.
    Mr Smith, Your Two Minutes on the history of the Black Russian start now…

  6. beep beep beep
    Scored knack all, and no passes.
    Cheers for the drinks though, Magnus.

  7. I’d have to be a new character in Emmerdale. Someone with an impossibly Yorkshire looking name (like Micklethwaitepostlewhistle or summat) and a talent for saying the bleeding obvious in a deadpan voice.
    The drink? That’d be a pint (or three) of ale served in the Woolpack.

  8. Is it too late to requisition a Rodders Vodders * (from “Only Fools…”)?
    * Smirnoff Blue preferred.

  9. I’m too poorly to think up complicated stuff. Can I just have a big hot toddy please?

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