May 6, 2004

Hit and Myth

Are either of the following true?
1. Cooking on a barbecue makes a man feel like a man.
2. If you wash trousers inside-out, they stay young for longer.


11 thoughts on “Hit and Myth

  1. 1. Absolutely, its one of those primal urges that can only be satisfied by fire, heated coals and raw meat.
    2. I guess.

  2. Neither of them. Choose instead a combination of the two.
    Turning trousers inside out and cooking them on the barbecue makes a man feel like a man. (Unless he’s wearing them at the time, in which case he can feel rather like a slightly singed man).

  3. 1, yes definitely.
    2, don’t know, I’m a bloke and we don’t know these things.

  4. Can trousers stay ‘young’?
    Is this the theme for today’s cocktails (I’m already gagging for a Smirnoff, and it’s only 08:47!

  5. Todays cocktail theme will becoming around lunch time. Chill. Relax. All in hand.

  6. I would suggest that you could have your trousers washed whilst inside out and flying from the top of the flagpole at Buckingham Palace by a precariously balanced lackey in a tutu, but they will still be as old.
    Barbecue cooking makes men feel like men, but there is a decreasing manliness feeling with the increasing size and complexity of the barbecue – over a small, charcoal fired beastie, there is maximum manliness, but on an eighteen foot long gas powered behemoth with six gas hobs, two griddles and an electric rotating spit…I mean, it’s just like cooking indoors, isn’t it?

  7. It’s not cooking on the barbecue that makes a man feel like a man, it’s lighting it which does that.
    As for trousers staying young forever – ask my missus coz she does the washing. I wouldn’t know and I’m too manly to care.

  8. 1. Of course.
    2. Of course.
    in other words – well dduuuhhhhh…
    (no I have no idea either…)

  9. Thank you for your assistance. The current heated domestic discussion score is one-all.

    Karen on May 7, 2004

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